Our focus

Our focus is on eliminating Water borne diseases by providing plenty of safe water to both institutions
and households in a way that preserves our environment

Our Water

Water provided by Tusafishe has been tested and conforms to international standards of drinking water. Our water is naturally treated.

The technology

Our system is built arround biological processes, leaving the water natural and safe for human consumption.

On Environment

The technology is an alternative to common methods of water purification in Uganda, it eliminates the use of solid fuel for boiling water, encourages planting of trees, eliminates carbon emitions and deforestation that are associated with boiling water

Uganda and water borne diseases 2017

Approximately 23,000 Ugandans, including 19,700 children under 5years, die each year from diarrhea alone, approximately $1.1million is lost each year due to productivity losses while sick or accessing healthcare, $147 million due to Premature Death, $21 million spent on Health Care and US$8.1 million in Access Time. (Water and Sanitation Project (WSP) report on economic impact of poor sanitation in Africa).

Water Safety

35% of those who have access to safe water are not able to maintain a safe water chain from the source up to the point of use at the household level (Water and Environment Sector Performance Report 2016- Uganda ministry of water and environment)

Alternative water treatment methods

The alternative methods used in water treatment fall short in many aspects, they are dangerous to the environment, do not provide enough water for communities that live together in large numbers like schools and are costly for the 34.6% of Ugandans who live on less than $1.90 a day.


60% of Uganda's population boil water as a method of water purification
An average house hold needs 14 kilograms of wood to boil drinking water each day. 18 million tons of wood is used by 60% of the population that use boiling as a method of purification every year! Boiling water alone contributes 29.7 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in a year

Since july 2017 we have provided clean water to over 30,000 people

5% Complete

75% of diseases diagnosed in Uganda are due to inadequate supply of safe water.

75% Complete

60% of Uganda population boil water as a method of water purification.

60% Boiling

33% of Uganda population don’t have access to safe water

33% unsafe water

Our Work

We construct for schools and large communities high capacity filters of upto 10,000 litres a day, we train communities on the technology and oversee when they construct their own filters using
locally available materials.

Meet Our Team

We’ve built a team of individuals who are passionate about serving our communities
and love what they do.

Agnes Nyamwiza

Co-Founder and Director Finance and Administration
Background: (B.A Economics)

Tonny Wamboga

Co-founder and President
Consultant in Applied Social Innovations and entrenuership

Augustine Kintu

Co-Founder and Director Operations Background: (National Diploma in Water Engineering)

Saudah Birungi

Co-founder Director Sales and Marketing

Henry Othieno

Founder and CEO
Background (BSc Accounting And Finance)

Our Partners